I love everything about summer…but this:


I love summer, I enjoy sunlight, warm temperatures, going to the beach and wearing dresses, skirts and shorts.

There is a couple of situations that I do not enjoy, and I wish that I had never seen in my life:

– Shorts that look like underwear and skirts that look like belts, what is next? the jeans thong?

– Women who wear sandals and had their last pedicure in december. OK, if you think that a pedicure is too expensive, do it yourself  please, nothing makes me wanna throw up more than long toenails eeewwwwww.

– Men who walk without a shirt, who have nothing to show, to the contrary  they should layer some shirts in order to hide what they’ve got.

– People showing their belly, a big belly. Again, cover up, nothing to show here if you look pregnant but you’re not…even worse if  you are a guy.

– People that wear incredibly inadequate clothing to work, making it necessary for human resources to send  a memo about office wear. Did you need a memo to know that you shouldn’t wear: beach dresses, shorts, flip flops, RUBBER flip flops, short skirts. You might as well bring your bikini and go lay at the picnic tables outside and get a tan.

I still love summer…after all of this


About One Day in the Life of a Sarcastic Girl (sarcasticbloggirl)

Sarcastic humour, lyrics connoisseur, music lover, comedy lover, wannabe writer, Seinfeld lover, indie pop lover, Harry Potter biggest fan I love reality TV and how you watch it without using your brain I have a hard time not telling people what I think of them all the time I was going to be a lawyer, I can argue a case, even with myself I was addicted to sugar and I had so much that I got tired of it I like rap and hip hop too much for a girl I am obsesive-compulsive about personal hygiene My philosophy in life is "Learn from every mistake"... I'm working on not dwelling on every mistake too much

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