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The most common myths about Latin-American people solved!


On my two year anniversary in Canada, I thought that it would be nice to remember the innocent/offensive(and/or)/stupid comments I’ve lived/heard about latin culture.

  1. Every music in Spanish that’s upbeat and you can dance to is salsa/we all like to dance salsa: False. There is other types of music in Spanish, because there are MANY countries in Latin-America, with different types of music. I welcome you to Google: merengue, bachata, reggaeton, corrido, ranchera (on second thought, DO NOT Google corrido, trust me…)
  2. Every Latin person is Mexican: False. Yes, Mexico is closer to North America, but there are some means of transportation that fly in the sky (they’re called planes) that allow people to travel from other countries too. And yes, Mexico is big, so a lot of people live there, but please grab a map a see how many other countries there are.
  3. When we say “lets go out dancing” it means that we are going to dance salsa: False. Not all of us like to dance salsa; it’s more common for older people to like salsa.
  4. When we are happy we break into a salsa dance: False. Our lives are not a Latin version of Glee. See point above (not all of us like salsa). Also, if you think that salsa is only the natural tomato sauce used for Latin food: False!. Salsa means “sauce”, so ANY sauce is a salsa, but in Spanish WE DO have different names for different sauces, we are smart like that.
  5. Everything that we eat is spicy. False. There are other spices in Latin America. Exception: Mexicans. But please remember #2, we are not all Mexican.
  6. All of our clubs and parties look like a scene from Dirty Dancing, and everyone moves in coordinated steps. False. Not going to happen either, we don’t meet in clubs 2 hours before everyone else gets there to rehearse and make sure that we all move at the same rhythm and same steps. Everyone wants to dance the way they want to and with the steps that they want, we don’t look at other couples, and surprise! Sometimes we dance alone or in groups.
  7. It’s funny when you repeat words in Spanish again and again, like “hola, como estas? And “adios”. It is actually very annoying if you talk to us the same way a 2 year old would, it is not a talent to know 5 words of any language and it’s not a good conversation starter, you are not smart for learning vocabulary from “Dora the explorer”. And please, never think that it’s sexy and funny when you say “caliente” to mean “sexy”, it’s very very creepy, you wouldn’t call a lady “hot mama” would you? And if you would, you are not getting women, period.
  8. If you take a token Latino to a dance club, you’ll look cooler and at the end of the night you’ll be able to dance. False. We are not dance instructors, we take other subjects in high school and *shock alert* some of us even study real careers like social worker, doctor or engineer. You don’t go to jail in Latin America if you are not a good dancer, and you are actually able to live a normal life…most of the time. But this one is relative, if in Latin America you’re a 6 (From 1-10) in North America you are a 9.5.

And I quote this conversation, it happened to my dear friend who lives in California:

-Where are you from

-El Salvador

-Where is that?

-Central America

– (person started naming the states in the middle of the USA)


>Me and the snow


>Things I learned today:
You can go to bed innocently thinking: how much snow can it fall during one night if there isn’t any today? and wake up to see a pile of snow as big as you in your front door.
Snow storms are fun…when you’re indoors
Snow can be classified into: fluffy = cool, dirty = not cool
Snow is slippery(te puedes dar en la madre)
There are magic sprays for boots that some locals don’t know
You can go from: heeeyy i love snow, to: i want to go back to my country in less than 8 hours
Some people interpret: You don’t have to wear snow boots every day of winter as: you can wear tennis shoes (chucks)
when you are trumatized by snow, you get very supportive comments like: wait, it’ll get worse
It is impossible to open ziploc bags with gloves
During winter, a car increases the number of friends you have
There are divided opinions about which one is better: snow with rain (melted with ponds everywhere) and hard snow (big piles of it)
People that still live in tropical countries think that the snow is just a little bit cold, and that it sounds nice. And then proceed to tag pictures of you in the beach.