Are people together because of love or because they shouldn’t be alone?


One of this days, I heard the strangest answer to this question: why are you getting married?

The answer was a mumbled list of qualities, none of them sound like a description of the love of your life to me: she takes care of me, she’s a good girl, my mom liked her…

Liking someone is like being in permanent confusion and indecisiveness, do I act like I really want to?, should I ask what am I to him or do I wait? is it psycho to wait outside of his place until he comes out? (yes it is). After listening to a girl call a radio show to make sure that his one night stand that turned into 5 dates isn’t “cheating on her”, I think, how long can two people be together without realizing that while one is using internet programs to combine their faces into a baby, the other one is googling restaurants to plan a date… with another girl(s), who knows.

It seems like the closer you are to the latin american way of dating (you’re either friends, boy/girlfriend or fiancee) the furthest you get to actual honesty in a relationship, honesty with yourself and with your partner; I think that when you don’t have a word to define what you have, you leave things open for constant negociation of terms and true commitment. OK, the serious part of this blog is over…

What am I supposed to do when a drunk man accepts that he is getting married because he has to, and that sometimes “she is crazy”, when they are disagreeing in front of me, when I’ve seen them fight in clubs, bars and people’s houses; when the girl hates me and my friend because we were close to him before (not now, because he needs to ask permission to go out. Well, I’ll guess I’ll laugh… but I’ll be nice enough to hold my laughter for a couple minutes so I can pretend  that I was laughing about something else.

And if someone can please explain how these crazy women who control everything from the guys shirt color, food, drinks and evening plans, get men. Contrary to popular belief, psycho women will find their match…the guy without self esteem and goals who will say “yes dear” to everything.

Well, if you are really bored and you are in the presence of one of these couples, and the girl has been a bitch to you, it’s fun to see how bad she reacts when you laugh at his jokes, touch his arm, or accidentally mention one of his one night stands (not that I did the last one, but I thought about it)


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