This is a sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, but always sarcastic blog, written by a twenty something girl living in Toronto. It’s about the ironies  in everyday life, about men, friends, so called-friends and work.

I started writing when I was around 13 years old, it was because of a boy, isn’t it always like that? He said that he liked to write, and I lied and said that I wrote too, I thought: how hard can it be?, and luckily it was really easy for me, and I loved it. I started writing poems to vent, poems about love and life.

After a couple of years, and many comments from friends (and a few offended people lol) about my funny sarcastic sense of humour, I decided to take advantage of my love-or-hate personality and my love for writing and I started this blog.

I hope that I can make people think, say “that happened to me to!”, use my catch phrases like “the famous 180” and laugh. Maybe I’m too ambitious, but meh! I’m too sarcastic too and that makes me special 🙂

My first language is not English, so please forgive a mistake or two, it’s funny enough to make up for them.


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