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Who has it all figured out? No one


I dated a guy last year who was 30, I always have perfect timing: I dated him when he didn’t know what he heck he wanted to do with his life. He  had broken up recently with a live in girlfriend and that was a big mess, and he was debating between alternatives such as moving to the country to open a cigar store, working Downtown at a small consultants firm or working at the most evil corporation in the world. Silly me, I thought that he would figure it all out soon and it would all be OK, the reality was, it just got worse and things ended.

The thing is, when I heard that someone was debating between working with Green Peace to save the whales or selling everything and go live under a rock in a glacier in Newfoundland Canada, I judged them, a LOT. I didn’t understand how you can be 30 and not know what you’re doing, we are adults and we should know what we want, right? WRONG

It is so easy to judge until this happens to you, it seems like when I look around everyone I know is questioning who they are, and more importantly, what they believe; or they are swimming deep in the sea of denial 😛 (I don’t know what to do with these swimmers, do we throw them a floating device? or let them swim happily?)

What happens if you change a major belief in your life? Are you suddenly a different person? A bad person? What if you start liking a different type of guy? Or the same sex? Or casual relationships? Or quit your job to open a cupcake store? What if you change your religion from Baptist to Scientology?

When you are almost 30 is the time where you wonder what the heck you’re doing with your life, in general. At least I think I got it figured out when it comes to work/occupation, so that is a little bit less stress. But currently I am questioning everything else, I am questioning beliefs and I am regretting the time I’ve wasted being strict when I should have been living.

The truth is, the karma for judging others is that you are judging yourself just as severely.


Things I have learned during a month of doing nothing


I am currently unemployed until I start my new job in July, I have been doing a few things here and there, but mostly I’ve been doing nothing, this is weird for me and hard to get used to, I’ve had so much fun but at the same time, I have lots of time for pointless observations or “learnings”

–  Watch Dexter all day and life will stop having meaning, you will also develop a crush on a serial killer and start listing the people that you could murder

– Seth McFarland does the same voice for Brian in Family Guy than for the dad in American Dad; Stewie may be bisexual; after Cleveland left the show, no one else is black in that town

– Watch Colombian novelas all day, and you will learn step by step how to choose between the careers of drug dealer or money laundry expert, skills that may be useful in real life like “how to manage a business”

– Waking up at 7, having cereal and then going back to bed ROCKS! You can substitute cereal for oatmeal for amazing similar results

– If you go to the supermarket during the morning, everyone you’ll see was born before 1940, and if you’re wearing shorts you might here things like “sweetie, aren’t you cold”, or you could get approval from a guy about your toilet paper choices: ” you can’t beat this price

– If you go to a beach in the middle of nowhere during the week, you might see a guy in a thong that is thinner than your bikini string on the sides, you might think that he’s naked and freak out, because there is children there, so you feel an obligation to walk by and make sure that he’s not showing his things

– The best way to spend your days is to distract all your friends that ARE working via text message or FB to tell them the stories about the guy in a thong and the old people at the supermarket