Music review: Exciting unknown artists that become mainstream and awesome comebacks


As I expressed on a past post, I am appalled by the abundance of songs that could have been written by a well trained dolphin, or a 5 year old while also constructing a house made of Play-Doh.

At least I heard a decent Rihanna song, that if I remember well, is not filled by sounds like: “a, oh, na, ella, etc. I was disappointed to hear Nicki Minaj in an electronic music song, because rapping is what she can do and she should stick to that, 15% of singing per song top please!

Things that excite me right now:

-The super amazing and original band The Ting Tings is on Mtv! And they’ll have a concert that I’ll obviously go to and report back. If you haven’t checked them out, it’s very upbeat indie pop with funny or inspiring lyrics, I recommend the songs: “ We Walk”, “Great DJ” and “Shut up and let me go”.

– SIA, who is an amazing European singer that I had the privilege of seeing live, she rocked! Well, Sia has managed to make her way into the Top 40 without losing her essence, check out her song with Florida “Wild One”. And then listen to “Buttons”, “You’ve changed” and “Breathe me”.

Things that excite me from the near future: Amazing come backs that I can’t wait for!

–          Garbage: I’m really excited about them, her voice is AMAZING. I haven’t heard a bad Garbage songs and they have a little bit of everything: the classics like “Stupid Girl” and “Special”, the songs where they went super-edgy like “Androgyny”  and the songs on which she proved that with her voice she could sing opera like “The World is not enough”.

–          No Doubt: Gwen rocks! I love her with a passion. I love her in No Doubt and I love her from when she did her own thing. This  girl/band who can be rock/ska or hip hop and do both amazingly: “I’m just a girl”, “Don’t Speak”, “Spider webs”, “Hey Baby” and the song I never get bored of listening to “Hollaback Girl”, we’ll never know what that means, but the song is pretty amazing.

I hope that they don’t pull a Red Hot Chili Peppers and come back with some weird songs, that I still appreciate, but wonder what type of drugs where they in when they wrote them, but then again, isn’t that the case with ALL RHCP songs? maybe


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  1. Too funny! Before there was LinkedIn, I once had someone who I did not at all know look me up in the online company directory (it was a pictorial org chart kind of directory) and email me to say how he saw my picture and that he and I should hang out. I was like “um, I don’t even know you and why are you using the company directory like it’s” WTF!

    • Wow! That is even worse than Linked In, maybe he did get confused and thought that he was on Match, did he send you the standard message?: “hey girl, you seem very sweet and I like what you say on your profile. I am tired of meeting girls at a clubs” etc etc.
      I can’t think of any situation in which a girl will accept a date that started by him stalking her, guys should know that.

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