Adele lyrics for feminists (and women who think that they can breathe without a man)



I think that Adele has a glorious voice, there! I said it. My problem is not with her voice, I just think that she could make a better use of that talent if she didn’t write and sing such suicidal, co-dependent and anti-feministic songs (Please see Paloma Faith, she’s Adele with a slightly better voice, more upbeat and most importantly, she has a desire to keep on living).

I read in a magazine that she is in a relationship now, I wonder how (LOL), the reason why I wonder is because men usually stay away from such bitter women, they seem to have a special talent to smell desperation and hate to all men, and run like the wind. You’d think that the way she speaks during her shows would be enough to keep her from dating for a decade or two.

I also wonder if she will sell as many copies of her next album now that she’ll have more positive songs, but then again, will she have positive songs? Maybe not, maybe she’ll date horrible men so she has song material forever. What would the fans do if instead of crying during her shows she started doing something unexpected, like smiling once or twice? Who knows!


For now, just for fun, I’ll give my idea of what Adele’s lyrics should say; instead of saying “I’ll die without a man” (Don’t they all say that?)

  • Never mind I’ll find someone like you: I can swing my purse and hit at least 5 men better than you
  • I wish nothing but the best to you: Honestly, what happens to you is less interesting to me than watching food cook in a microwave
  • We could’ve had it all: You know what? You have the maturity of a 5 year old, this relationship was doomed
  • Guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you: Did she give you therapy twice a week? Because that’s what you need
  • You’ve found a girl and you’re married now: You got married at 23!?!? Was she pregnant?
  • Where I felt something die because I knew it was the last time: What’s going to die it’s you’re a$$ if you call me again



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  1. Hi there.. I decided to Google Up ‘Adele and Co-dependent’ and came across this entry and the rest of your blog site. I like your material, your thinking as I’m a recovering co-dependent so I could relate to your posts. I’m glad someone on here said it.. You know, I’ll admit that I’ve recently turned into an Adele fan b/c I LOVE her voice and can relate to the pains of her music…

    *However*, I am also very cognizant, aware.. and well, slightly unsettled at how she performs with this “f-you” swearing thing during her concerts. I love listening to “Rolling in the Deep,” but I am also aware that song, along with others pretty much promote crazy, ex-girlfriend, stalker-ish.. behavior. Which… I have done before, shame to admit. Maybe shame for all of us to admit. In one sense, it’s good Adele made that come to light.. yet, I fear if society or pop culture is going to say, “Hey, crazy stalker behavior is okay.”

    … Probably not. Hit me up sometime and keep up the good work.
    – Irene

    PS. Agree with the “Friends” blog too. I grew up with Friends during high school, so you can probably figure where that age demographic really went.

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