Annoying horrible bosses: PART UNO


This list may get long, so it’ll require more than one post, for now I’ll start by identifying these 3 types of mistreating horrible bosses:

– The George Constanza: As this beloved Seinfeld character, this person pretends to be really busy by “looking annoyed all the time”, complaining about stress and heavy workload, and sometimes yelling at people unnecessarily; so when people see her for a little bit think: “oohh, she must be so busy and her work is so hard”, when in reality her time is divided between smoke breaks, talking to other co-workers, yelling to people on the phone or her subordinates and sometines even talking about shoes and hair products. The ones that do sit next to this neurotic character now what she’s up to and only try to focus on their work and tune her out.

What to do: Train your head to nod in agreement without actually listening to what they’re saying, this is all they need.

– The bipolar: This person is really hard to read, they’re usually nice to their bosses and bipolar with their sub-ordinates. This lunatic can yell at you one day for no reason and never say sorry, she’ll just complain about being very stressed and will try to make it up to you by giving you an unusually useless Christmas gift from a Dollar Store so you’ll forget about being humiliated in public the week before.

What to do: Say thank you for the Christmas gift,. When they get aggressive, humiliate them in return; if you can’t, run to the bathroom in a fake attack of diarhea.

– The angry Alzheimer sufferer: This person forgets everything a day after and changes his mind a lot. The disturbing part is he doesn’t acknowledge it.  He’ll say that it’s the others that do things wrong or forget about things, and that the goals were not reached or documents were late because they didn’t get enough support or they were too busy. You’ll never know if they’re psychopaths that remember everything and just like to manipulate information because they like to torture people (like serial killers, but a little bit less dangerous).

What to do: Keep notes of everything, everything! Even if your notes look like this: he sat down, he asked me not to waste paper, then made me print a 200 pages report, then yelled at me for wasting a Post-it (true story)


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