I wish to live when the day comes on which homophobia will be as unacceptable as racism is now


I was watching a TV show about the early 1800 in Latin America and how people believed that different races had a different value: white, then native, then black. To the point that they believed that black people had no souls and forced them into Catholicism and slavery. And then I was reminded of stories of homophobia that I’ve heard: the committed lesbian couple that was rejected because of their orientation when they tried to rent a basement apartment, the gay guy that had a stalker that followed him with a Bible trying to “save him”, etc.

For me it’s unbelievable that in 2011 people still think that it’s acceptable to attack gay people in social situations, either by making inappropriate jokes or by flatly expressing hate. I think that people who in 2011 believe that being gay is a choice are very close minded, because by basic logics one statement is true when the opposite is also true:

–          They could like the opposite sex but they choose to be gay

–          You could like the same sex but you choose to be straight

Check any logics textbook and you’ll see that this is a rule.

But to my point, I find these people close minded, but they still have a right to believe what they want as long as they respect others, I can manage to co-exist with this type of people. I wish that the homophobes would evolve to be like them and accept that what other people do is none of your business; that little children are a lot better with gay parents than no parents and sometimes even better than with straight parents; and that if you are against gay marriage, just don’t marry someone with the same junk in their pants.

What really annoys me (big time) is the people that go out of their way to hate, sometimes THEY even start the conversation about gay people in order to make a hateful comment or a bad joke. For example, the men that think that taking care of themselves or calling a guy’s cell phone is gay buy like to slap other guy’s butts. That just got me thinking about one article that I read that talked about an experiment, they tested sexual arousal on men that claimed to be straight while they were looking at gay porn, they divided the group in two: straight men that were OK or indifferent to homosexuality and straight men who were repulsed/hateful towards homosexuals. Nor surprisingly for me, the homophobes got turned on, proving the theory that you hate the things in others when you hate them in yourself. Like the bully on Glee.

Even people that believe that being gay is a sin could remember that most prophets were open to everyone and welcomed everyone in ancient times, I’m sure that they welcomed gay people too. Hate is not a quality for any religion, but acceptance is. And in the long run, if you believe that being gay is a sin, just don’t be gay then, but don’t hate, I don’t think that anyone would appreciate being followed around by people that yell your sins at you.


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  1. I think one day homophobia will be as unacceptable as racism is now. I think with each generation, people are becoming more open-minded and understanding about LGBT issues. It will take time, but I really do believe it will happen.

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