Men who down own up to their mistakes and the women who love them


Thanks to my friend E., this blog was going to be called “Path to maturity and acquiring balls”, but then it sounded like a “too controversial” title. We had this amazing idea for opening a school that imparts night classes to men that act like boys, the subjects will be: “Why throwing tantrums will not get you girls”,  “You’re not that great (not at all), so you’ll have to settle with whatever you get”, “why mistreating a girl that is 10 times better than you is delirious behaviour”, etc. (We are open to hear other ideas).

The thing is this, after having an ex act like a little boy during a relationship and like an as$#%*^ after breaking up; it is a surprise when he starts acting like he wants you back, and starts acting like he’s this amazing guy with all these things going for him (he’s not, not at all) and like you’ve been sitting patiently in a corner until he realizes the mistake he made at letting you go. Of course that you know that he made a mistake, but for you: good riddance!

More surprising still is when after you stop talking to him, and one day he all of a sudden thinks that he’s Romeo on his way to re-gaining your heart, and you are just talking to him to be nice and for good old times sake (even if times were not that good); and then you realize that his version of the story is that he was just trying to be friends and you just started being “Weird”.

Seriously dude? Seriously? You are delusional…you were close to buying an engagement ring and a honeymoon trip for an ex that is dating someone 10 times better than you in every aspect possible. You acting all “romantic” is not nice and flattering, it’s creepy and stalkerish, and the fact that you are not accepting that it happened, and you’re not even staying quiet about it, but lying and making up a different version, that is just plain pathetic. If thinking that you’re crazy makes me weird, I am weird, I embrace it.

That brings me to my next question: How come being valued is underrated? And how much of it is OUR own fault? Almost every girl that I know has a horror story about being lied to, cheated or just being taken on a permanent and very exciting rollercoaster ride of time-offs and break ups.

This remind me of the “Sex and the City” episode in which Carrie pretends to be Big’s friend and he says that he’s getting married, and she says something like: “you just didn’t want to marry me, you stringed me along for two years just to marry someone else”, and he responded: “ I didn’t string you along”. Well Carrie, to be honest, he wasn’t lying to you, he was very honest, and he didn’t put a gun in your head so you’d stay. It was you who decided to stay.

A couple of times in life, we receive challenges just to make us grow, but most of the time, you’re there because you choose it, you knew what you were doing so don’t complain after. Please refer to my previous blog with the ducks in the title.


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