Why I hater=d the “Tick Tock” episode of How I met Your Mother



Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t understand how a normal adult can repeatedly do things without thinking, one mistake, that is normal, but a disconnecting your brain for a couple of days? I wish I could disconnect some parts of it sometimes, so if someone knows how to do this, I’m interested in learning, I’ll pay well. I also don’t understand how a person doesn’t know himself/herself enough to know who they really like or really love.

So apparently you can kiss an ex-boyfriend on a cab by accident, and then instead of using the brain cells that God gave you and run away ASAP to avoid doing something even more stupid, you can proceed to sleep with that ex-boyfriend as an “accident”, you fell on top of him, yeah right!.

If this wasn’t stupid enough, so you can continue the chain of stupid events and so you can hurt more people, the girl proceeds to give false hopes to the ex, and they agree to break up with their current significant others. Because this wasn’t enough, she decides that she WON’T break up, or tell the truth, but she’ll keep seeing the current boyfriend. Screw the ex that just faced his mistakes to be with you! You can continue changing your mind everyday and act according to whatever is convenient to you at that moment, if someone is crying because of you, who cares?

This episode supports the stupid idea that some people seem to have: that people are like objects. You can love all your shoes equally right? So why can’t you love 2 people?. Having to choose between two people is as illogical as saying that you have 2 heads, you can like 2 people, but have profound feelings for both to the point of confusion? . Chemistry is such a unique thing that the possibility of having the same “amount” of chemistry in the same Top 5 of aspects that are important to you, with 2 people is as likely as being struck by lightning 3 times in a week.

People are not an exchangeable commodity, you can’t substitute one with another one 2 days later, you can’t “choose” one person one day, and then have your feelings change the other; you can’t treat someone as a the love of your life  and then change your mind a week later.

It may happen that you’re lying to yourself and never had such deep feelings for the 1st person, or maybe you don’t have those feelings for the 2nd one, or maybe, just maybe, you’re just a serial monogamist that is in love with the idea of love and not the actual person. There is also people who have a real conflict between following their head or their heart. Whatever reason, you should know what YOU want, after all it’s YOUR head and YOUR heart. And all those sudden changes, will only hurt you in the end, because you’re messing with your own feelings; and  that person that you let go, already thinks that you are crazy and is happy that he/she dodged a bullet.



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  1. Hmm, I believe the term is commodity fetishism and the reason why it’s so prevalent (people treating each other as exchangeable commodities) is because that is everything our market society dictates. I mean, when we tell each other, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” We are establishing that there is nothing wrong with ditching your fish for whatever minute, insignificant flaw they may possess, to get another fish that’s seemingly glossier and of better quality.
    Polygamy isn’t a thing of the past anymore, in fact, I doubt it ever was. I think the monogamists are the outliers and we’re just realizing how many people have a hard time sticking to just one person.

    • I think that there is many different types of people, anywhere and I try to be positive and think that it is as likely to find a complete assh@#$ than a good person. But yeah, there is a lot of crazies out there, and a lot of people who treat others as just another fish, but in this case I was refering to jumping from one serious/meaningful relationship to another one, really fast.

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