The Jennifer Aniston syndrome: Why do we cry for losers?


Rejection is a hard
pill to swallow; sometimes it hurts even if your logic tells you that the
person who rejected you wasn’t good for you, or even if you didn’t want them

This reminds me of
Jennifer Aniston, and how people felt really bad for her, and how some continue
to feel bad when Brad Pitt carried on with his life and had 15 children with a
woman that used to wear blood jewellery, kiss her brother and cut herself.

We never care to think
if Brad Pitt had a million things wrong with him or if she was unhappy when she
was obviously living a lie. She was stigmatized as a “poor rejected woman” and
apparently this will follow her for the rest of her life.

Why is “rejection” the
first thought in our heads? Why do we punish ourselves like that? The worst
thing is that apparently, in 90% of the situations, when you break up the guy
will find someone in a period of time as short as 1 month  to – 1 week (that is “negative one week” if
you know what I mean). And we always think that that unstable human being is so
happy, when they’re messed up and jumping from one girl to the other. Sometimes
they will prove how messed up they are by trying to get back to you 6 months
later, 2 years later or 2 girls later.

Isn’t it stupid to
want someone to like us, even if we don’t like them anymore? Or even when we
know that we would say “no” if they did askto have us back?

Sometimes we cry with
no logic, we cry because we lost something that was awful in our lives, that
was a burden. Until someone asks us the very logical question: Why are you
crying for exactly?

Answer that question
logically, or any of these questions: was that person good for you? Were you
happy? Did he deserve you? Search for your answer on this list:

No, he was stupid,
unstable, he lied, he cheated, he ran away from problems, he made promises that
he couldn’t keep, he didn’t have everything I needed in someone, he made me
angry, he yelled at me, he changed his mind every week, he didn’t know how to
keep my trust, he didn’t like to watch TV, he thought that he was a lot smarter
than he is, he was too negative, he complained too much, he wasn’t that cute
anyway, he was too much of a geek, he was getting fat, his breath smelled bad,
he had terrible spelling, he liked Kesha, he liked Kim Kardashian and wanted to
spell his name with a K, he liked bands with the word “devil” on them, he
Tweeted too much, he was obsessed with money, he played videogames online, he
wore black shoes and a brown belt.

If you have
experienced rejection or broken up recently, I’m sure my list above offers you
plenty of options that can offer you clarity about being much better off
without him. And you’re always better off without someone who doesn’t think you’re
the best thing in the world.

Do you feel stupid for
wasting your time and your feelings with him? As my clever friends told
me,  “you’re losing even more time right
now thinking about him” and “you’d feel more stupid if you had continued the
relationship, mothered 3 of his children and THEN realized that he was an


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