The substitution syndrome- powered by testosterone and the “all men are evil” epidemic


I have noticed a certain action made by men, I’ve seen it in my relationships, other girls’ relationships and it seems like the most basic example of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.
Common knowledge tells us that women are the ones who seek relationships and can’t be alone, there is nothing more fake than this. Well, this syndrome may be experienced by both men are women but there is no doubt that it’s more common in men, I’m referring to:
THE SUBSTITUTION SYNDROME: When you break up with a guy and he has another girl at the time of breakup, mere hours later or if they’re patient a few weeks. Even though some girls do it, I’m inclined to think that it has something to do with testosterone or male brain cells, maybe it started in pre-historic times (when the Flinstones were around) and it’s based in the thought: “I need reproduce, I need woman. Any woman?” . There is three types of substitution syndrome.
1. The guy who really cared about you and it’s so affected by losing you or not being able to maintain you in his life that he has to get someone to get his mind of you. This is known as “the rebound”, usually, the rebound girl is trashy and your polar opposite, she makes things really easy for the guy (until she gets pshycho-controlling because she notices that he doesn’t give half of a rats butt about her). Rebounds can last weeks, but sometimes years. I’ve witnessed a rebound that lasted 2 years and after that the guy still had feelings for the “original” girl
2. The guy who’s really looking to settle down, he wants a house with a white fence, dogs and (maybe) children, he’s a hopeless romantic. He’s only missed one thing: you won’t find those things if you don’t grow up and fight for them. These men are so romantic and idealistic that don’t know what to do with everyday problems. So they tend to jump from “love of his life” to “love of his life” at the first sign of trouble. We will refer to them as the “Insert wife here” guys (I credit my friend B. for the term)
3. The guys that actually don’t care and just want to have fun, they’re immature, they’re liars, they don’t care about people’s feelings. The thing is, if you’re dating this guy YOU KNOW THIS THINGS. No one can pretend to have a whole different personality, people have warned you that he cheats on every girl, he made comments about how it’s cool that his sister has two boyfriends, all his friends are cheaters, every ex hates him. You know this things, you are either in denial and ignore the red flags (or red billboards). Maybe you were just lonely, maybe you thought that you had the right “skills” to change him. We’ll call these guys “careless bastards”
Well, the problem is that now there is an epidemic, many, many girls now thing that all guys are careless bastards. They get bitter after the break-up and don’t realize that apparently, after all these years of evolution, most guys don’t know how to deal with this thing called “feelings” and vent in different ways, they can vent by not being alone. They may honestly think that they are causing you no harm because they’re no longer with you, and that you may be much better without them. Sometimes just asking helps you so much.
One time I had to ask: Why did you say that you cared but had someone else after just a week? And the honest answer I received is: I didn’t think that you cared that much about me, and after all, we were no longer together.
Another important fact to remember: There will always be a low self esteem woman that is waiting aroubd, waiting until the guy breaks up to attack, and his defences are not exactly high at the moment….


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