Girls that believe that movie romances are real and make the whole gender look stupid


“When women watch a movie, we wish that our man would be like the main character” WTF??

Today I hear that comment, (the stupidest comment ever) on the radio and it reminded me of two things:

-There is a reason why I don’t listen to that station when the DJs are speaking.

– Men are right to be afraid of women’s unrealistic (surreal?) expectations and wondering of women do or do not have a brain

This type of crazy woman exists! And they are annoyingly clueless…this woman accepted on her show that when she saw “Crazy, Stupid Love” she saw Ryan Gosling and wished that her boyfriend would be like him. I was irritated that she said this in public and generalized so much “women always wish that they had a guy like the movie’s leading men” and “Men do the same all the time and are not judged.

Hhhmmmm OK, you have two options, either imagine that a love where problems disappear after a couple of months and you get your “happily ever after” ending, which will have you committed in a mental institution instead of committed to a real man; or accept that people on real life have flaws and are not going to be all happy, romantic and corny every day, accept that sometimes the most romantic thing a guy can do is to fix your computer and remember your friends’/fish/dog name, and not running to an airport to stop you before you get into the plan and convince you that the many problems that you had (that may or may not include something like an ex-wife that wants to kill you, a mix up of sperm for artificial insemination, that you are his cleaning lady and he makes 200 K a year and/or that you interchanged lives with a 13 year old) are over now, and you can go on and be infinitely happy, without you lifting a finger. Choose your option.

Stupid woman, you are the reason why guys think things like this about women:

–          Talk about feelings all the time

–          Fall in love after 2 months

–          Want to get married as a life goal

–          Want to change everything you are in order for you to be perfect for her

–          Want men to pay for everything

–          Will be happy if they can stop working and just raise their children

The worse was when a guy called and said the truth like no one could have said it better, it was something like this: “Men just look at hot women and think that it would be cool to date them, they don’t want to change their partner so they look/act like them; you are saying that you wish your guy to change into something that he’s not and that is definitely wrong”.

Yes, it is definitely wrong, but to generalize and say that all women do that, is wrong; to be surprised when someone tells you the truth because you hadn’t thought of it, is sad; and until then getting that you’re talking crazy, that is sad.

To finish my neuronal-suicide morning, I listen to an interview with a fanatic Rabi blaming the gays for the earthquake, and finally a diamonds’ ad telling the story about how it’s so cool to trick your man into driving to get you diamonds.


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  1. I blame Disney for the misconceptions that many girls grow up believing to be reality. If they hadn’t over-glamorized their fairy tales, there would be fewer pissed off feminists and less reasons for them to be pissed off.

    To be fair, though, many men also grow up with misconceptions about women from the media; it’s just not as publicized and bitched about.

    • I agree completely:
      – If you are patient, the beast will become a prince, it doesn’t matter if he yells at you, he loves you deep down
      – If in trouble, wait to be rescued, you cannot save yourself

      Like Carrie Bradshaw said: If Snow White hadn’t been saved by the prince, would she have spit the apple, got a job and health insurance? lol

      • That’s very true. I think people tend to confuse Beauty and the Beast with Aladdin. Aladdin sends the message that you need to look past the rough, seemingly undesireable exterior and find the good in the person that has always been there. With the Beast, he had very little good to begin with, and he only started to show positive qualities once Belle made him her project. Their message was, “girls, you can change a guy if you love him enough!”

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