Why I hate the phrase “not looking for a relationship?


–          (Said to a guy I was seeing casually) Hey, last time we couldn’t go for dinner as you wanted, do you want to reschedule for later on this week? I want to see you

–          I’m sorry to say that I’m not looking for a relationship right now, I just got really hurt by an ex-girlfriend and I don’t feel ready.

–          Relax! I just said that I wanted to see you, not marry you, you have really deep commitment issues that you should deal with


True story, someone said this to me, a couple of years ago, and that’s what I responded because I found it terrible insulting. Why would you feel the need to clarify this right away? What are you so afraid of?

Equally annoying are the people who think that getting into a long term relationship defines their life, and ask others how come they are alone.  To this two types of people that seem to be clear on what “looking for a relationship” is, please clarify:

–           Would you wear a sign that says “looking for love”?  Maybe you can use one of those tags that say: “Hello I’m…available”, or maybe you can personalize it “hello…I’m desperate to procreate”

–          Is there a place where all these people who are “looking” meet and pair up?

–          Is someone helping you to “look” when you’re ready? Does this imply some type of Middle Eastern concept similar to an arranged marriage?

–          Or is it as simple as just opening the door and asking the 1st person that passes by if they’re ready too? Maybe I’m missing the concept of real love and real compatibility

Oh! Maybe what men that say this mean is “I’m looking for casual sex”, you should keep it simple and say that, that does make sense, goes to the point and it’s easy to understand. Because when you say that you’re not looking for a relationship it sounds like you mean this: “I know I’m awesome, and you’re so needy, but don’t get your hopes up because you’ll never be my girlfriend”, and that is a very lame thing to say, and in 99.99% of those occasions, you end up looking like an idiot because you’re such a loser that the thought of a relationship with you hasn’t crossed the girls’ mind.


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