So you’re not gay but still want my number? Adventures at a gay bar


There is a number of things that straight women allow a gay men to do, that they would never ever in their life allow a random straight man to even think about doing, including: talking freely about our boobs or butt, or maybe even grabbing, dirty dancing, sleeping on the same bed, etc, etc.

Also, when we meet a gay guy we are always friendly, our walls are down and we can be ourselves, without being afraid of the phenomenon known as “is he that desperate that he would take anything I do as a signal that I’m interested too”, this is when you say hello back to someone and they think that then you’d be fine with them rubbing your shoulders, errrmmmm… nope; or when you share a few jokes with a co-worker and then he asks you out for drinks and gets upset when you tell him that you want to invite another person too (yes, both things have happened to me, see previous blogs)

So we met several gay men last weekend, most of them because of our friend who was a super nice, sociable and friendly drunk, she opened the doors for an extension on our gay men collection of friends. One of those guys owns a vintage clothing store, win!

Sometimes, when you’re that sociable, you can attract undesirables, one of them being “the man with flip flops and earphones, who evolved into the man without shoes and earphones” I commented on how weird he was and my friend (we’ll call him a super nice gay Asian man)  said that he knew him, I thought “how weird that he’s friends with him, but OK”, half an hour later we see this guy talking to another group of people and super nice gay Asian man commented on the level of weirdness of the guy, so I asked him: “wasn’t he your friend”, to which he replied the phrase that made me laugh out loud: “he has no shoes, you can’t be my friend without shoes, you have no shoes, you’re not a friend”

In the middle of all that, a guy approached our lesbian friend to compliment her hair cut (we’ll call her pretty athletic
Asian girl), and he started talking to us. We assumed that he was gay so we were very friendly, he asked for our contact info, and my friend (who we’ll call multicultural mix girl) told him that we were going but he could go back in and dance with the rest of our crowd if he liked, he looked disappointed, but we didn’t make much for it. Then we left.

Apparently the story didn’t end there, he went inside the club (even though his friends were somewhere else and apparently he had to pay to go in…at 2 am) and he proceeded to dance with pretty athletic Asian girl while trying to convince her that she should give him a chance…he wasn’t a woman, he was an ugly man, when she made it clear that for specific reasons she wasn’t interested, he gave him his contact info to give to multicultural mix girl, and “make sure that she called him”, what was she supposed to do, tie the girl up, dial the number and make her talk???

Of course she didn’t call, and she won’t call. And for future occasions, Is it inappropriate to ask about sexual preferences before you’re nice to someone? Just to make sure straight men (ugly straight men) don’t pose as gay and take advantage of girls.


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