do we start: learning to be happy as half of a couple or taking what we can get?


Honestly, these days I don’t have much faith in love, is not that I think that all men are evil cheaters or unstable bastards that deserve a slow death, or all women are whores or complicated; well, there is a lot of people like that…

I’ve met good guys, I’ve never been cheated on (I’m pretty sure) and I’ve never been mistreated, but you can divide my relationships/dates in 2 groups:

– The guys that I can’t get away from fast enough: A good example is the guy that I couldn’t stand for more than half an hour, I said that I had something to do and said that I had to go buy something at the supermarket because if we took the subway together we were going on the same direction…for half an hour :S. Well, it’s his fault for being so boring and making me go in a church to be “unpredictable”, I just mentioned that the church looked pretty from outside because I didn’t know what the #@$#@ to say to him to start a conversation, and when he asked if I wanted to see it from inside I said no twice and he kept on insisting. This is just one of many, many examples.

– The great guys that really loved me and for a reason it didn’t work out, the dramatic, and “overthinking while crying” causing, loves that could not be, most of them still remember me or are open to try things again if I want to.

Oh, wait, there is a third group, the guys that went M.I.A. on me, like the guy who asked for my number in a club, texted me the next morning, talked about going out with me for like a week and then died (that’s my version and I’m sticking to it)

I have no awful stories of suffering, but in the end, I’ve been alone for a long time, and this stops being fun. I wish I could just enjoy someone’s company if it makes me happy and not think about a potential in the future, because apparently, right now my options are that one or being alone again, and start dating, which I don’t want to do, for a long time, it freaks me out right now.

And I leave you with my Carrie Bradshaw phrase of the week: When the chances of finding what you really seek for look slimmer and slimmer, do we start learning to be happy as half of a couple, or do we start taking what we can get?



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