Disliking the royal wedding and the concept of one “soul mate”


The Royal Wedding has divided people into two groups:

– The ones who think that this is a fairy tale come true, Kate is a real life princess.  They lived everything wishing they were there, cried during the wedding that they watched at 4:00 a.m. with a glass of wine among friends.

– The ones who couldn’t care less about a stranger that they’ll never meet getting married,  would never sacrifice their sleep to watch a wedding that they’re not participating in, not even, and feel sorry for Kate because she signed a contract to start living in a bubble.

I belong to the second group, it’s 2011, and it’s too late for the fairy tale fantasy. Women don’t need to be “rescued to live in a castle” (which in reality will be being dragged to a life in which you won’t be able to pee without a paparazzi taking pictures of you, and you won’t be able to have a disagreement with your husband without 10 magazines start reporting that he has a mistress [or gay lover] three children and beats you up). Women need to start getting their act together, studying, getting a job and if on their way they meet someone with similar aspirations, values and fall in love, go ahead and share their lives with them.

Ironically, I was watching Sex and the City yesterday, the episode about soul mates. Charlotte thought that there was one perfect person for each one of us that completes us, Miranda and Samantha thought that you needed no one, and Carrie thought that there was more than one soul mate for each person.

I believe in a mix between the thoughts of Miranda and Carrie, there are many soul mates that you can share your life with. When you meet a special person that makes everything so happy, so simple and so true; you have to fight to make it last. If it didn’t work, you’ll meet another person. Because I don’t believe that I should live my life alone, but I don’t believe I’m incomplete until I find that person either.


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  1. A wedding like any other. Ya pays ya nickle and ya takes ya chances…….Live happily ever after? pfuii…..Hard enough if you live in total anonymity but in a fishbowl???? Can you say Train Wreck? If they pull it off, it’s because they both possess a deeper strength of character than their (his) parents ever did. Monogamy was hard enough when life expectancy was 40. How much harder is it today when every pundit tells you that screwing around is natural and expected but oh so very wrong……WTF? What kind of fairy tale is that?

    • I agree Terry. Apparently the idea of a fairy tale right now is lots of money so you can buy pretty things, and a lot of paparazzi taking pictures. Everyone seems to forget the story of his parents and that he dumped Kate for like 6 months a couple of years ago.

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