Overthinkers anonimous


Lately I’ve been thinking about the kind of therapy that would suit me well, and I would like to form a support group for overthinkers.
Well most of the group would be formed by girls, and you can be one if you find yourself over analyzing every little and tiny detail of your life to conclude…nothing!
Always answering the questions: what did I do wrong?, What could I’ve done better?

Why life didn’t go exactly as I planned if I planned it so much?

Well, there will come a day (it always does) when things get out of hand, and you’ve done everything you could to control things, you have nothing else to do but be patient, or have a nervous breakdown.

So today I had a choice: Accept the reality of things, pray for the best, make the best of each day or die of migraine and other health problems caused by stress and overthinking (isn’t that the same thing?). I choose the first one, wish me luck!


About One Day in the Life of a Sarcastic Girl (sarcasticbloggirl)

Sarcastic humour, lyrics connoisseur, music lover, comedy lover, wannabe writer, Seinfeld lover, indie pop lover, Harry Potter biggest fan I love reality TV and how you watch it without using your brain I have a hard time not telling people what I think of them all the time I was going to be a lawyer, I can argue a case, even with myself I was addicted to sugar and I had so much that I got tired of it I like rap and hip hop too much for a girl I am obsesive-compulsive about personal hygiene My philosophy in life is "Learn from every mistake"... I'm working on not dwelling on every mistake too much

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