>The Twilight Syndrome


>Lately, I’ve seen many friends (fans or not fans of Twilight) to fall victims of the Twilight syndrome or thinking that the best type of love is extra-dramatic and has to be difficult to overcome such difficulties.
I’m a fan of stable relationships, no roller coaster rides, trust above all and a normal level of commitment and need to see each other. Sure, guys that are too good are boring, a little bit of and edge is good, but edge does not equal having to send a private eye to follow him, to verify he’s not cheating on you for the 1000 time when he said he went to buy some tomatoes at the grocery store.
I believe in a point system, a person should win points by being good to you, those points should be the base for trust and feelings. I need to fall more and more in love with time and build trust from scratch not from a negative qualification in my points system.
I can be corny sometimes, I write love letters and poems, but all of them to people that deserve it and make me happy at the time; not because I am on top of the roller coaster ride that day or they stopped behaving bad like other days.
To give my opinion about Twilight, I have to clarify that I have read the books, first I was curious and after I wanted to see if she became a vampire or not lol (it’s true!)
I didn’t like the books, but I am not discussing if they were well written or not, or if the story line was good, is that lady’s idea of romance what I discuss.
Apparently Edward Cullen is romantic, a vampire that did nothing but mess with Bella’s regular and normal life, that behaved weird and was a little bit emo, on top of things he sparkles. This teenager relationship resulted in a break-up that sent her to a psycho trip in which she heard voices, saw faces and jumped off cliffs.
Jacob was the normal one, the more stable one, the one that was funny and happy all the time, that made her happy and think about other things that didn’t include suicide methods 101.
So now the guy that doesn’t want you at first, the one that cheats, lies, treats you like trash; but starts wanting you and behaving better is more valuable than a good guy? I don’t think so!
Because people rarely change and they’ll most probably go back to their bad ways again, and the rollercoaster ride starts again! Because he know you’ll take his emo-lying-cheating butt back.


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