>Me and the snow


>Things I learned today:
You can go to bed innocently thinking: how much snow can it fall during one night if there isn’t any today? and wake up to see a pile of snow as big as you in your front door.
Snow storms are fun…when you’re indoors
Snow can be classified into: fluffy = cool, dirty = not cool
Snow is slippery(te puedes dar en la madre)
There are magic sprays for boots that some locals don’t know
You can go from: heeeyy i love snow, to: i want to go back to my country in less than 8 hours
Some people interpret: You don’t have to wear snow boots every day of winter as: you can wear tennis shoes (chucks)
when you are trumatized by snow, you get very supportive comments like: wait, it’ll get worse
It is impossible to open ziploc bags with gloves
During winter, a car increases the number of friends you have
There are divided opinions about which one is better: snow with rain (melted with ponds everywhere) and hard snow (big piles of it)
People that still live in tropical countries think that the snow is just a little bit cold, and that it sounds nice. And then proceed to tag pictures of you in the beach.


About One Day in the Life of a Sarcastic Girl (sarcasticbloggirl)

Sarcastic humour, lyrics connoisseur, music lover, comedy lover, wannabe writer, Seinfeld lover, indie pop lover, Harry Potter biggest fan I love reality TV and how you watch it without using your brain I have a hard time not telling people what I think of them all the time I was going to be a lawyer, I can argue a case, even with myself I was addicted to sugar and I had so much that I got tired of it I like rap and hip hop too much for a girl I am obsesive-compulsive about personal hygiene My philosophy in life is "Learn from every mistake"... I'm working on not dwelling on every mistake too much

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